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Principal Investigators

Aimée Classen

Associate Professor, The Rubenstein School, UVM

Aimée Classen is a global change and ecosystem ecologist. Broadly, her research program explores how ecosystems function and how interactions, both biotic and abiotic, influence patterns and processes within and among ecosystems. The lab pursues questions across scales from the micro (soil food webs) to the macro (regional carbon fluxes) as well as across diverse terrestrial ecosystems (forests, meadows, bogs, tropics, boreal, temperate). The lab uses a combination of observations, experiments, and models to answer ecological questions.

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Maja Sundqvist

Assistant Professor, Umeå University

Maja’s work explores how abiotic and biotic factors interact to influence community and ecosystem responses to climate change in arctic and mountain systems. Maja received a Swedish FORMAS grant to lead the WARM project in Abisko, Sweden. She is working in Abisko and Umeå, as well as Copenhagen.


Daan Blok

Lund University, Sweden

Daan was awarded a grant to explore decomposition across multiple sites. He will be working at our WSR sites. Daan is also affiliated with Lund University in Sweden.

Erin Cameron

German Centre for Integrative Biodiversity Research (iDiv), Leipzig, Germany, and University of Helsinki, Finland

Erin is funded by the Academy of Finland and NSERC (Canada) to explore how warming alters soil food webs and decomposition along gradients.

Xin Jing

University of Vermont

Xin is collaborating with our group and Dr. Nathan Sanders on a variety of joint projects on biodiversity and ecosystem multifunctionality. He is a Gund post-doctoral fellow at UVM.

Emily Meineke

Harvard University and University of Vermont

Emily is funded by NSF to study how species interactions have shifted in forests over the past 200 years and with recent climate change using natural history collections. She is also affiliated with Harvard University and the Natural History Museum of Denmark.

Annelein Meisner

University of Copenhagen, Denmark and Lund University, Sweden

Annelein is a microbial ecologist studying drying/ rewetting and freeze/thaw events and carbon dynamics.

Case Prager

University of Vermont

Case is working at the intersection between communities and ecosystems and is collaborating with us on the WaRM project.

Research Staff

Greg Newman

Lab Manager

Greg works on questions in soil biogeochemistry, ecosystem carbon fluxes, and the plant/microbial processes and interactions that can mediate these cycles. He manages our global collaborative experiments manipulating temperature and plant composition along elevation gradients.

Graduate Students

Justyna Giejsztowt

PhD candidate, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand

Justyna studies invasive species pressure and climate change in alpine ecosystems.

Personal website

Emily Piche

MS student, University of Vermont

Emily is starting her masters degree with the group and is interested in how global changes alter soil biodiversity and processes.

Kenna Rewcastle

PhD student, University of Vermont and National Science Foundation (NSF) GRFP fellow

Kenna investigated carbon cycling and ecosystem function within the WARM network (Switzerland, Sweden, Colorado, and Greenland sites) as well as in the SPRUCE bog in Minnesota. Kenna is currently working in Sweden on a Fulbright project studying the impact of reindeer grazing on carbon cycling and microbial community dynamics.



Caitlin Gosciminski

Undergraduate at University of Vermont

Caitlin is an environmental science undergrad from Coventry, Rhode Island. She loves mountains and plans to study climate change.


Ben Miller

Undergraduate at UTK

Ben is studying to be a chemical engineer. He is interested in harnessing synthetic materials for renewable energy resources (spectroscopy is awesome!). He currently works with Jeremiah understanding how tropical root communities shape carbon fluxes.

Sarah Ottinger

Undergraduate at UTK

Sarah is an undergraduate student pursuing a degree in environmental soil science. She is very curious about soil ecology. Sarah is working with Jeremiah on projects that manipulate environmental factors to observe their effects on the growth of mycorrhizae.


Laura Steffy

Hailey Elementary School, Texas

Laura is a 3rd and 4th grade teacher at Hailey Elementary School in Texas and will be going the group at the Rocky Mountain Biological Lab for a second summer of research.

Lab Alumni

Lab Alumni

Classen Lab Alumni 2005 – Present

See our past post-docs, graduate students, research staff, undergraduates, technicians and other lab alumni since 2005.

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