Mycorrhizal impacts on soil carbon dynamics 2017-04-20T15:23:11+00:00

Mycorrhizal impacts on soil carbon dynamics

Soil properties and biological communities contribute to carbon loss and gain, which vary significantly by ecosystem, but current carbon cycling models fail to incorporate interactions among these groups. With funding from the US Department of Energy (DOE), we are experimentally manipulating and modeling how mycorrhizal fungi and roots alter carbon dynamics in temperate, tropical, and boreal forests. To date, we find that the influence of fungi on carbon dynamics varies by the nutrient constraints of that ecosystem. For example, in temperate forests mycorrhizal fungi compete with the free-living community to reduce carbon degradation – a pattern not seen in a boreal forest. We recently established a site in Costa Rica to explore the impact of fungi and roots on tropical forest carbon cycling.


  • PIs: Aimee Classen, Melanie Mayes, Dan Metcalfe
  • Post Docs: Jiang Jiang
  • Gradaute Students: Jessica Moore, Jeremiah Henning
  • Technicians: Courtney Patterson
  • Collaborators: Gangsheng Wang

Project Publications

  • Jiang J, Moore JAM, Priyadarshi A, Classen AT (2017) Plant-mycorrhizal interactions mediate plant community coexistence by altering resource demand. Ecology 98:187-197.
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This work is funded by the US Department of Energy.